Shan-Tan-Titty Town
by Sycamore Smith

Madam Rosie and her crack crew
Run a house of ill repute
That's getting rave reviews
Rosie never closes, oh, it ought to be a sin
She's a very busy gal
But she can squeeze you in to
Shanty Town
Shan-Tan-Titty Town

Shan-tan-titty Town ladies are handsome
They get you so excited
You can hardly keep yr pants on
The johns line up, they push and they grunt
The sheriff busts in
And cuts to the front in
Shanty Town
Shan-Tan-Titty Town

Put yr pennies in the slot of the piggy bank
Fifty dollars for the works
Fifty cents for a spank
Flanagan's broke, but he's gotta uncork it
He's going to the garden
Gonna get himself an orchid in
Shanty Town
Shan-Tan-Titty Town

Spent the night with Miss Heidi Jekyll
Woke the next morning
All freckled and speckled
Told the Doc I didn't know where I caught it
He said, "Come on, son,
You know you've been spotted in
Shanty Town"
Shan-Tan-Titty Town